A New Movie by Nathan Slattery

Slattery's multiple award winning movie Biopsy Shake as it  plays on YouTube.


The movie, including the closing credits, is about 36:30 minutes long, and there are almost 11 minutes of funny out takes added at the end.


It was shot on DV. The person who prepared it for online streaming was not aware of the unusual pixel aspect ratio of PAL Television footage - as as result, the movie became laterally squashed. If you look at the opening title: the moon obviously should be round - not oval.


In spite of this glitch - and being limited to what could be done with 12-year-old television technology - audiences still seem to like it. In May 2017, after only 18 months online, it had attracted more than 4200 views and more than 500 "likes"on Youtube. Here are some snippets of the many comments passed by viewers:


I loved this film, Slattery doesn't overact, lots of twists and it's unpredictable.


Best Fun I've had in ages! Thanks for sharing this unique bit of Irish film history.


Something out of the norm which has long since lagging in modern times. Extremely exceptional piece from a very unique once in a lifetime kind of person. Artistic and constantly evolving as all of us should be..


Parts of the film really make me wonder about the nature of reality and challenge my perception of what in the film is real and what is perceived as real.


Nathan Slattery has a commanding physical presence on screen. Looking forward to seeing him on film again.


An interesting film, great use of natural light and the nature around. Pleased with the story and was left wanting more.


A visual mind trip and constantly engaging and stimulating.


Perfect mix of cultures, imagery, with each viewing you see something new and revealing.


Maganda bagamat maikling pilikula, mamalas mo ang napakagandang tanawin na dito mo lang makikita sa bansang Ireland.


Nil me cinnte gur feidir liom an sceal go leir a thuiscint - caithfidh me feachaint eile ar a laghad a dheanamh.

And here is a review in "Hollywood North Magazine...


We are filming STOA on 4k UHD at 30 fps - recording almost twenty times as much image detail in each frame as we were able to do in Biopsy Shake, suitable for large screen theatrical release.

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This Web Site will evolve as the work on the movie progresses. It will remain "under construction" until the movie is done. Please check for new ideas and developments often, especially if you are (or plan to become) a sponsor.

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