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The enthusiasm of all involved means that making this movie won't require a large budget. But there is always something which cannot be begged or borrowed (or stolen) and must be paid for. Similar to the manner in which Slattery approached Biopsy Shake, we are finding most of the funds we go along.


The usual "Crowd Funding" sites' options are too rigid for the complexity of making a movie. Nathan Slattery needs more flexibility in order to directly negotiate individual agreements with individual sponsors.

Also: once you make your decision and click the DONATE button, there is no middleman or agent involved. All funds go directly to the production team.


We have devised a tentative rewards or incentive structure for different levels of sponsorship. This is a joint Canadian and Irish project. For the purpose of determining the value of your sponsorship, we are using an arbitrary exchange rate of 1.50 CAD = 1.00 EUR - close enough to the actual exchange rate which can fluctuate.


Clicking on the Donate Button takes you to Paypal. You can enter an amount in your local currency and then log into your Paypal account to complete the transaction.


There is also a facility to set up a monthly recurring payment.


If you have no Paypal account, you can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and also direct credit transfer from your bank account.


All sponsors can be listed in the closing credits and on this page, if they wish, in a more or less prominent style, according to their level of sponsorship. Corporate sponsors can have their logo included. This is just an example of what the closing credits can look like.

Apart from cash, sponsorship can include access to technology as well as goods or services.


We may also also devise a "Micro Sponsorship" scheme: Merchandise for sale, with all profits going to this project. We are considering a limited edition CDR and booklet with some music composed for the movie, and a series of promotional fridge magnets with related imagery.

Nathan Slattery's Web Site:



This Web Site will evolve as the work on the movie progresses. It will remain "under construction" until the movie is done. Please check for new ideas and developments often, especially if you are (or plan to become) a sponsor.

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