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The Making Of STOA

Stoa expands on the concept of Biopsy Shake. The protagonist is chased by his adversaries through a number of different locations in space and time.


The title is a reference to the main visual anchor of the movie. Stoa columns serve as portals between the locations and as hiding places for the characters of the drama.


We are currently working on a collection of clips and images for a show reel or gallery, mainly as a demonstration of skills and technology for our sponsors. Clips will become available in these pages as we create them. Most of this imagery is for demo only and will probably not feature in the actual movie.


Meanwhile, check out Biopsy Shake to see what we were capable of doing over a decade ago, with comparatively simple technology and much more limited experience.

The reconstructed Stoa of Attalos is the main reference for our computer generated fantasy architecture - photo supplied by Wikimedia Commons.

Note that this is only a reference or an approximate visual guide. We are not attempting to create historically accurate reproductions of ancient Greek architecture.


The links to the left take you to more information about the making of the movie as it becomes available - please bookmark this page to remain up-to-date.


Advance publicity can sometimes a bit be frightening and create pressure... but anyway, here we go:

Check out this article on the Hollywood North Magazine web site...

Nathan Slattery's Web Site:



This Web Site will evolve as the work on the movie progresses. It will remain "under construction" until the movie is done. Please check for new ideas and developments often, especially if you are (or plan to become) a sponsor.

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