A New Movie by Nathan Slattery

Introducing the core team:


Nathan Slattery, Lead Actor

Author, Producer, Director


IMDB entry

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Alison "Little" Forbes

Post Production Co-ordination, Photography for Visual Effects

G√ľnther Berkus

Post Production Engineer, Communications Officer, Music Composer


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Rebecca Chunn, Lead Actress

Production Assistant, Financial Accountant


Tentative list of cast and crew in no particular order - this will grow and change as preparations and auditions progress. Click on the names for pictures or more information.

Raven Sto - Actress, IMDB entry

Alan Maguire - Actor ... he also writes poetry

Anthony Galvin - Actor ... he also writes books

Antonia K. Moore - Actress,  on Facebook

Michael Dickson - Actor, IMDB entry

Steve Shore - weaponry and martial arts

Ali Yukiko  - Actor

Landon Clover - Actor, Bull Rider, Cowboy

Denis O'Sullivan - Camera on Irish locations

Barry Lau - Performer


Nathan Slattery's Web Site:



This Web Site will evolve as the work on the movie progresses. It will remain "under construction" until the movie is done. Please check for new ideas and developments often, especially if you are (or plan to become) a sponsor.

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