A New Movie by Nathan Slattery

A Brief Treatment Of The Movie

We are following the protagonist, Aestes Tape, on a visual journey through space and time. We travel with him in a series of waking dreams, from present day Vancouver to the mystical island of Stoa, located at the end of the World in the far distant future.


The plot begins to unfold as the "JADNA police" of Vancouver, led by Doctor Musqueam, the main antagonist in the present time, arrest him and confine him to a cassette tape. They believe that he holds the key to obtain knowledge available at the End Of The World, which would empower them to predict events in the immediate future and to learn about the ultimate fate of humankind.


Prior to his capture, his ally Ghia Stray has presented him with a Portal Potion which she had prepared from the seeds of Durian Fruit, consisting of twelve capsules concealed in a trinket, unlocking his gifts of synaesthesia and telekinesis.


The journey which follows takes us through twelve portals in space-time, visually represented by Stoa columns.

We learn that he descends from the Dal gCais tribe in Tulla, County Clare, Ireland.

We meet shape shifting entities, luminous beings called the Svetluski, Jacques Frost, a Rabbit Sasquatch, Alder Sealman (a medium), Calypso Plynthus, all accompanied by sounds, both familiar and mysterious which we seem to "see" and an axial mirror symmetry of  visions which appear to be audible...


... and Hiemms Ibis, who wants Aestes to fail in his mission to reach the island at the End Of The World. The stand-off between Hiemms and Aestes escalates and morphs into surreal absurdity, taking on the appearance of scenes from a sophisticated battle game.


The final portal takes us to 5047 C.E., to an island off the west coast of Ireland. There is a "Flamingo Moon" scene in which a multiplicity of human races, cultures, and virtues are represented. We are encouraged to ask questions about the evolution or destiny of humankind and the World itself ... and to explore how realty, imagination and pretend games interact to present us with what we see, hear, feel, or taste.



download Nathan Slattery's more detailed "stream of consciousness" sketch of the treatment as a PDF file


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This Web Site will evolve as the work on the movie progresses. It will remain "under construction" until the movie is done. Please check for new ideas and developments often, especially if you are (or plan to become) a sponsor.

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